" Academy of Art Animation Blog: Welcome To this little Online Experiment


Welcome To this little Online Experiment

I'll be posting Notes and interesting Animation related links here .

This is a private blog for my Online animation students from Academy of Art. You are encouraged to discuss the links and notes with your fellow students. Invited guests here include Ruben Cruz from ILL2D 495 Character Development for Animation, Heather Shipman and Edwin Gomez from ILL2d 692 Traditional Animation 2, Kim Whitfield-Holt and Sunny Notimoh from ILL2D 346 Animation Assisting.

It's my intention that this blog and any discussion of the links posted here will supplement your online class discussion, not necessarily replace it . For whatever reasons, the enrollment in Online 2D animation classses at AAU this semester is low , so I thought this private blog format might be a good way to give you all some more dynamic participation with other online animation students since each of the classes I'm teaching this semester are smaller than usual. But I don't think our small numbers this semester mean small ambitions or small results ! I think you can all encourage one another through responding to what I'm posting here as well as the specific material I'm posting on each of your class discussion boards.

Participation on this blog isn't required by any means , and I know everyone's busy with other classes online this semester as well, but I thought I'd try this out as an experiment in Cross-Classroom discussion online. I'll be trying to post new and interesting links and articles every week , so check in here regularly and if you have any good links you have come across on your own email them to me so I can post them here.

Welcome !

-David Nethery
ILL2D 346, ILL2D 495
ILL2D 692, Spring '08 Semester


Kim's Collection of Stuff said...

Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate the extra effort. I spend so much time on blogs during the week looking at what others in the industry are doing. This is really nice of you. I have a production blog that I was hoping to get feedback as I worked but that has not happened so far. I am hoping everyone will get a chance to comment and participate in this blog.

Thanks again. BTW I love the Flipbook software. Do you use it often? Do you have the full blown version?

Professor Two-D said...

Hi, Kim

I'm glad you like the idea for the blog. I hope to have more stuff posted real soon.

If you get your production blog up and you'd like me to link to it from here just let me know.

Same goes for everyone else : if you would like me to add your website or blog to the Links in the sidebar I'd be glad to do so .

To answer your question about Flipbook: I have the version called Digicel Flipbook Studio , which is not the full version, but works fine for most things . I do like the program and use it for pencil testing . The main program I use for my work is TVPaint , but for some things Flipbook is faster to shoot a quick pencil test .

Kim's Collection of Stuff said...

Thanks for the info.
I would like to purchase a package for Digital animation work but I am having trouble making a decision.

Here is the link to my blog. Hopefully I will be able to add some more updates to it in the near future.


Ruben said...


Am I late? Great site you have here.

I downloaded both flipbook and monkey jam. I ended up using monkey jam. So far it works fine.

Heather said...

Well, this is kind of neat.

I probably won't have a lot of time for comments, but I'll take a look every so often and see what's new, at least!


artchick3d said...

Hi David-

Don't know if you got my email - can't use the school's email once classes are closed. I need some tips on a 2d freelance job.

Heather Shipman